A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers.

May your love of gardening bring you joy and happiness now and throughout the coming year. The Assistant Gardener and I spent last weekend doing Christmas with a couple of the Junior Gardeners and the family Amaryllis tradition was joyfully continued. I will be heading for Western Canada on Christmas day carrying some more Amaryllis in my hand baggage. Prevents their freezing and creates some interested looks at airport security. The Junior Gardeners there are big enough to take Grandpa skiing for a few days. That’s what gardeners do in the winter.

The 2010 seed catalogues will occupy my gardening moments until at least the middle of January. Dallying In The Dirt will reappear sometime in January when I have finished imagining next year’s wonderful garden and am ready to get my fingers in the soil again.

Tend to your houseplants and spend lots of time imagining your 2010 garden and figuring out how much more lawn you are going to have to eliminate in order to make room for all your new “must haves.”

Here’s hoping you have wonderful holiday.

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