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Dallying In The Dirt, Issue #193 --- Garden writers booths and babies rule the week.
October 27, 2014

You may have noticed the absence of "Dallying In The Dirt" this past weekend. There were a number of reasons for that, some gardening and some personal. It rained part of the week and that kept me out of the garden. In the latter half of the week I was setting up and working in a trade show booth. My friends and associates in the Garden Writers Association had a booth at Landscape Ontario’s Expo, where we told anyone who would listen, about our role and contributions in promoting all aspects of the green industry. Tiring and fun at the same time.

The personal side involves our newest granddaughter Matilda who has some serious but fixable medical issues. They will keep her in hospital for some time and also her mother who needs to be with her. That left us the tiring joy of caring for her two older brothers all week. We will probably be doing a bit more of that as the weeks pass but today I was able to enjoy the lingering warm weather and plant a hundred Tulips in the backyard. They are a new variety named Mistress Mystic which we have all renamed Mistress Matilda.

I gathered some sage, oregano, parsley and lemon grass to dry and retain for the winter’s cooking. We should return in full force on Friday with the latest news and upcoming activities in our gardens.

111 Trent St. W.
Whitby ON
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