Asparagus Salad with
Sugar Snap Peas

Asparagus salad is what you make when your Asparagus patch has produced so much that you are looking for different ways of serving it.

This can be an all Asparagus salad or it can be combined with a range of other available ingredients. Sugar Snap Peas work well, as a slightly later season addition to or substitute for, the Asparagus because they tend to be very prolific in the garden as well.

If the salad is going to be all Asparagus then chop them into pieces about 3"-4" long. 2"-3" if they are mixed with other ingredients.

De-string the snap peas by grabbing the stem end and gently pulling it like a zipper along the length of the pod.

Put the Asparagus (or Snap Peas) into boiling water and watch carefully for its return to boil. One to two minutes is all that is required to make them just slightly tender. Drain and cool.

I provide the ingredients as a ratio so that you can adjust the quantities depending on the size of your salad.
6 - Olive oil
1 - Lime Juice
1 - White balsamic vinegar
1 - or slightly less, Maple Syrup
Chopped chives and mint early in the season and some basil as it becomes available. Be generous with these herbs they are wonderful when they are fresh.
Freshly ground pepper to taste.

Dress the Asparagus and/or Snap Peas an hour or so ahead of serving to allow the dressing to penetrate and soften the vegetables.

For an interesting texture sensation you could use about 1/4 of the Asparagus or Snap Peas raw.

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