Burns Church Vegetable Seminars

Can You Grow Your Own Vegetables

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YES !!

Your own fresh vegetables are easy to grow and along the way you may save a little money and get great outdoor exercise.  Burns Church is sponsoring a series of seminars designed to help even the most novice gardener to successfully grow an amazing harvest from just a small space in your back yard or you can be innovative and use the front yard.  There will also be lots of information to help active gardeners upgrade their skills.  Come and enjoy four informative and entertaining seminars that will help you choose the best ways to grow your favourite vegetables.  

We’ll start with planning, timing, seed starting, variety choices and sources on 13 February, then move on to garden design, preparing the soil, starting later crop seeds and growing on your little seedlings on19 March.  By 16 April we will start to look at the wide range of cool season crops that can be planted that month and how to do that successfully along with styles and types of gardens from containers to raised beds and then finishing up on 07 May with all the techniques for planting and nurturing the main season vegetables.                                                    

We also learn how to properly water and fertilize and care for them and then look ahead to harvesting and cooking.  Along the way we will have a peek at some of the problems such as bugs and diseases, learning how to spot them and easy ways to deal with them.  You might just get some answers to other gardening questions along the way. 

These seminars will be led by well-known local horticultural guru Ken Brown who has been feeding his family from his own garden for 40+ years.   www.gardening-enjoyed.com

The seminars will be held at Burns Church in the village of Ashburn at a cost of $50 for the entire series.  Gardening should be a family affair so come as a family for $75 and your partners and any kids who are interested can join the seminars and the church will provide childcare for the younger ones. 

Kids love to eat the vegetables they have helped to grow.

                                                                                                                                                   For more information and to register call the Burns Church office

     905 655 8509  Wed – Fri  9:00 - 1:00   

     or email   office@burnschurch.org