LAhybrid Lilies
Trumpet Shape and Asiatic Colours

LAhybrid Lilies have no connection to the city of Los Angeles but rather get their name from their parents. They are a hybrid between the Longiflorum and Asiatic Lilies. They have the multiple flowers and vibrant colours of the Asiatic Lilies but a much bigger flower and a bit more of a trumpet shape, attributes that are indicative of the Longiflorum parentage.

lily royal sunset

Royal Sunset is one of my favourites in this category. It is at least a meter tall and sometimes more with a large cluster of blooms on each stalk. The leaves are smaller, dark green and quite densely packed on the stems. They are prolific multipliers, a couple of bulbs turning into a significant clump in just a couple of years.

There are now a large range of these lilies covering most of the colours found in the Asiatic parents.

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