OThybrid Lilies
Sometimes Called Orienpets

These wonderful new OThybrid Lilies, are the result of cross breeding between the Oriental and the Trumpet Lilies. They are often known just OT lilies rather than the somewhat difficult Orienpet name. They can grow to almost 2 m in height and have a semi-trumpet shaped flower.

lily Gluwein

How Big Are They? They are much larger than their Oriental parents, they put on a spectacular show in the garden before the Orientals bloom. They have some of the wonderful Lily fragrance and grow on sturdy stems bearing the wider more loosely spaced leaves of the orientals.

What Colours Are They? They have some very interesting new colours in this group. One of my favourites is Gluwein, which you can see is like a light Apricot Oriental Lily. They are quite tall with multiple blooms and they have a longer life in the garden or vase than the regular Oriental parents.

When Do They Bloom? Golden Stargazer has become a significant presence in my garden from one or two bulbs planted a couple of years ago. They seem to multiply much more readily than either of their parents. They bloom well before the Orientals at about the same time as the trumpets. The inclusion of yellow in the colour palette separates them from the orientals.

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