Asiatic Lilies
The Early Bloomers

The Asiatic Lilies are the earliest to bloom of the main Lily groups.

They have a wide range of colours and carry large quantities of upfacing blooms on solid stalks. These lilies are some of the hardiest and are relatively good increasers. Most of the varieties available in the market today are hybrids derived from some of the original species that are native to Asia. Thus their name.

Are They Expensive? Their propensity for rather rapid bulb multiplication helps to keep these Lilies among the least expensive although the newer varieties will always command a premium price for a few years.

Conditions And Problems? They prefer a fertile well drained soil and at least a half day of sunshine. The Red Lily Bug, can be a disastrous pest on these Lilies and in areas of the country where this creature is prevalent, emerging Lily shoots need to be carefully watched for their arrival. There are few if any other bugs or diseases that make any significant impact upon these delightful early summer bloomers.

lily halloween What Colours? Their colour range can best be described by noting that they exclude the blue range. Almost anything else is available along with a variety of spots, streaks and bicolours. The new Tango Lilies are a result of further hybridization within the this group. These newer varieties have bigger flowers that are speckled, splotched and otherwise made more interesting by the overlaying of a second, usually darker, colour; such as this,Lily Halloween.

Reward them with a good application of compost each year and they will thrive and multipy in your garden for many years.

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