Baked Winter Squash

As Autumn turns into winter the abundance of Winter Squash delights us with its rich distinctive flavour.

What Variety? I prefer the drier darker and richer flavour of the Buttercup varieties.

Preparation Wash the outside of the Squash and remove any remaining stem.

Cut the Squash into sections from 4 to 8 depending upon its size and the number of people you are serving

Use a heavy spoon to remove all of the seeds and stringy stuff from each piece.

Place the pieces in one layer in a shallow baking dish and add enough water to cover about one third of the pieces.

Bake at 325 F for about 30 - 40 minutes or until tender.

Remove from baking dish and set on serving plate, skin side down.

In the small cavity place a small pat of butter and about a half teaspoon of Maple Syrup. Add some fresh ground black pepper if desired.

Serve while butter is melting.

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