Cream of Celery Soup Dazzles
With A Twist of Lemongrass

This Celery Soup is one of those recipes that I use to store the garden’s produce at the end of the season.

I had lots of Lemongrass this year so I decided to toss it into my celery soup to see what would happen. Very tasty.

2+ - heads of celery - rinse thoroughly and remove the tough white ends of each stalk. Remove stray bits of pine needles etc that may be caught in the leaves. Chop whole plant, including leaves into 8 - 10 cm sections, just enough to make it go into the pot easily.

3+ - stalks of Lemongrass. Rinse and remove the root end and the grassy foliage. Cut the stalks as large as possible so they are easy to find and remove after the boiling.

Water - enough to just cover about 2/3 of the dry material in the soup pot.

Salt - the magic ingredient that I use infrequently but which must be in soup.

Bring the pot to a boil stirring occasionally to avoid burning the greens on the bottom of the pot. When liquid is boiling and the greens have wilted under the liquid, reduce heat and simmer for an hour or three until the celery stalks are quite soft.

Push the whole mess through a food mill to remove the tough stringy bits. Pick out the lemongrass stalks at this point. A food processor can be faster but the soup has tough stringy bits in it.

Reduce the resultant liquid until it starts to look less watery.

35% cream - I add about 1 part cream for every 4 parts of reduced liquid but it's really difficult to add too much ceam. Reheat slowly and adjust the salt and maybe some pepper. Taste until you are full and the soup is good.

Freeze the remainder in serving sized portions.

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