Leek Soup

This is one of the easier soups to make. It is, nonetheless, very tasty.

Leeks tend to hold a nice bit of dirt down in their closely packed leaves so separate them a bit and wash thoroughly to avoid making a gritty soup. Remove about half of the green tops and cut off the roots by slicing through the white flesh just above the roots. Chop the Leeks into pieces 3 -5 cm long.

Place in your stock pot and cover with enough chicken stock so that the Leeks are just floating.

All soups need salt add some now and adjust to taste when you are finishing.

Seasonings tend to vary with your taste. I will throw some celery leaves in and some parsley because that’s what I might still have in the garden.

Boil gently for a couple of hours or until the pieces of Leek are quite mushy.

Push through a food mill to remove the stringy bits .

Add some 35% cream. About 1 part cream to 3 -4 parts of soup depending on your taste for cream. I could do 50 /50 but my doctor would yell at me.

You can also make a thicker soup by having some Potatoes in the pot.

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