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Perusing Seed Catalogues

These seed starting pages on my web site will provide all of

the basic information to make you a successful seed starter but there is so much more information freely available. The seed catalogues that pour into my mailbox in January are filled with information on the wants and needs of every type of seed that they list.

Free Information
All of this information is free and organized to make growing each flower or vegetable as easy as possible. Think about it! The seed companies want you, their customers, to be successful so that you will be back next year. Thus the wealth of information that is provided to ensure your continuance as their customer.

eggplant, aubergine


I cannot possibly give you the perfect temperature, light and moisture conditions for everything from Aubergines to Zinnias. The many readily available seed catalogues do provide that wealth of information.

They also are excellent sources for the attendant hardware such as pots and heat mats and fungicides that may not be readily available from local retailers although I certainly encourage you to support any that do cater to your seed starting needs.

Seed Web Sites
These days almost all of the mail order seed companies also maintain excellent web sites that let you see and purchase their products on line.

There are large general mail order seed houses such as Stokes that operate in both the U.S.A. and Canada at,

Lots of specialty operations for every gardening niche you can think of also flourish, such as that specializes in seeds for the home gardener.

A complete list would go on for pages.

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