Zucchini Garlic Soup
and maybe Celery

Autumn Vegetable Storage I discovered this great zucchini Garlic Soup recipe and then modified it to work with the ingredients that the garden had produced. It did introduce me to Zucchini as a great thickener. It’s not quite as wonderful as 35% cream but it sure is a lot more healthy and noticeably more stable as an ingredient.

Into the big soup pot throw about 60 cc’s (4 tbls) of butter and gently melt

Coarsely chop one medium Onion and add it to the pot. I’ve always wondered how big a “medium” onion is as so many recipes call for it.

Peel and chop about 8 cloves of Garlic and add to the pot. Keep the pot warm enough to soften but not brown the Garlic and Onions. This really isn’t too much Garlic but it can be adjusted if the quantity scares you.

Chop about 450 - 500 gm (1 lb) of Celery into smallish (professional cooking term) pieces and toss into the pot to soften. The addition of Celery is optional for a slightly different flavour. I preferred it.

Chop about 600 - 700 gm (1.5 lb) of unpeeled Zucchini and toss it into the pot to soften. Stir regularly.

When the vegetables have started to soften add the chicken stock, I used 1.5 litres (6 cups) with the celery or 1 litre (4 cups) if you don't include the celery..

Boil gently until everything is a bit mushy and then blend it with a power blender stick until it is an even, smooth, consistency. Taste, then season with salt, pepper and powdered Ginger to suit your taste and simmer for another 15 minutes or so.

Serve. It’s actually better the next day when the flavours have had time to mature and mingle.

I have made a double batch of this zucchini garlic soup, quite successfully and then frozen it in serving sized portions. Soups are a great way to keep tender vegetables from the garden, for winter enjoyment.

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