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Come and share my gardening experiences. I’m Ken Brown and I’ve been “Dallying In The Dirt” most of my life and like most back yard farmers I love to share my growing tips and my experiences. Visit this space often, the tips will change and accumulate, showing you what I'm doing now. I'll tell you what I'm doing as I, find some new and remember some old, tricks in my quest to squeeze all of my horticultural fantasies into a confined urban space.

05 October 2015 It's time for one of my favourite gardening activities, planting bulbs. I like the bulbs themselves, smooth solid storage organs that feel good to run through my hands. More importantly is the promise that they hold. Vast splashes of colour in the garden on cool spring days that are the result of just a few hours of planting on a crisp autumn day. They are the antithesis of the instant gratification that seems so prevalent these days. You must plant them in the fall and wait patiently for spring to enjoy their beauty. First Snowdrops, then Crocus, then Iris, then Narcissus, and Tulips with the best colour display of the year.

My regular tips and ideas are now accumulating, blog like, on this
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What’s New or Seasonal!

There are a few plants, that lovely big Hibiscus, that we call part time houseplants. They spend the summer outdoors and by early October they are finding their way inside to rest or bloom for the winter

There are so many different spring flowering bulbs to choose from. The earliest Snowdrops and the latest Alliums bracket a season filled with a wide variety of forms and colours.

The best colour display in the spring are Tulips. Every imaginable colour except for blue can be found in the many varieties of Tulips. Many are solid colours and there are plenty with blends of colours. Plant them now for a glorious spring display.

What Narcissus lack in diversity of colour they make up for in their longevity. A clump of a few Narcissus bulbs will multiply and bloom for several years. I have large clumps that look good every year and are over ten years old.

How To Get Help! With some reading here and a little luck, maybe you can avoid most of the mistakes that I have made on your behalf and be more successful. When you inevitably make your own mistakes, ask me about them and I’ll try to provide some answers or tips through my free ezine.

Want your information quickly; you can search my entire site or else just enjoy reading on and following all the links.

My horticultural haven is unfinished and imperfect. If it was otherwise then my life’s work would be done and I wouldn’t know what to do. Come along with me as I work toward perfection, we’ll be together for a long time. I currently grow a rather crazy mix of vegetables a variety of perennial flowers and a smattering of annual flowers in the gaps and in a variety of containers. Oh! The vegetables are often found growing in containers as well.

Where’s my garden? All of these things compete for space in a modestly large city lot in a small town east of Toronto ON that hovers between Canadian zone 5&6 or a U.S.D.A Zone 4&5. I continue to develop new techniques for producing as many vegetables as possible in a rather confined space, a technique that I refer to as Vertical Vegetables. This allows myself and the “Assistant Gardener” (aka. my long suffering spouse,) to eat our own fresh vegetables for about 7-8 months of the year.

Let’s eat! To really enjoy all of these vegetables you need to prepare them in delicious and interesting recipes. I also love to cook and experiment and you will find the things that wind up tasting delicious on my recipes pages.

Trials and tribulations! I like to try new things and report back to my readers what works and what might not be the best value in town. I have recently tested a variety of trowels and last summer applied a variety of mulches to my many beds. Some looked better, some cost more some did neither but may have been effective mulches. Frequent readers can keep up to date on products and plants that I’m trying. I visit other gardens as often as possible and report back to my readers just what they might find interesting there.

Come and spend time with me in my garden. I find it the most delightful, sometimes frustrating, usually therapeutic, pastime and the physical effort exerted produces much better results than any treadmill. I have been trying to convince mother nature to do her landscape my way, for many years and her responses are usually very humbling, occasionally encouraging, frequently amusing but always quite gratifying. We continue to discuss, (argue about,) our separate definitions of a weed. These successes and failures also make up the content of my seminars.

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